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Why Do Pillows Turn Yellow (And How To Fix The Problem)

Why Do Pillows Turn Yellow (And How To Fix The Problem) It can be a bit off-putting to find yellow stains on your pillows when you’re changing your pillowcase. However, the stains are a fairly common occurrence for many people. But what causes these unsightly stains, and more so, how do you rid of them? We’re going to answer this for you. Here are the most common reasons for yellow pillow stains: Body sweat Make-up, hair, and beauty products Wet hair Product breakdown over time (from frequent usage) Saliva from night time drooling Now that you know the common culprits of yellow stains, keep reading to learn how to prevent and remove them from your pillows. Sleep With A Headdress...

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Why do we love block printing so much ?

We believe that our faith in dedicated craftsmanship and preserving old traditions will continue to earn us our customer’s affection. We love our environment and zero carbon emission in the process of hand block print make them extremely environment friendly. We understand that for many artisans this profession is only source of income. The whole process of visualizing a design, creating a wooden block and then printing with extreme care is so beautiful

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What are the benefits of a mattress topper?

What is a mattress topper? A mattress topper is an additional comfort layer that is added to a core mattress to increase the longevity and also increase the comfort of the mattress. We recommend that all mattresses should have a topper. We offer waffle box constructed microfiber topper and hand tufted feather-down topper which have elastics on four corners and can be a simple put on your mattress. What are the benefits of a mattress topper? The benefits of using a mattress topper can be split into two categories: increasing comfort and increasing the longevity of the mattress. They are also an excellent way of increasing the life of your bed and providing you with flexibility. Let us go into...

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How a right bed linen helps you sleep better ?

Getting a good night sleep is one of the most important things which helps you to prevent sickness and strengthens your immune system, remain stress free and happy and also improves your memory and productivity at work. However, research shows that only 40% of the people get a good night sleep every night. Choosing the right bed linen can go a long way in improving your quality of sleep. We at loveforwhite.com are continuously working to produce the right bed linen products to enhance your sleeping experience. We are providing you some tips on how right bedding can improve your sleep: Use correct pillows - One should choose the right pillow as per his or her sleeping posture. Using the...

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How to keep your towels soft, fluffy and white?

Everyone loves the feel of a brand new towel; however, after few washes, towels tend to lose a bit of its softness and whiteness. After doing some research online and consulting few housekeeping departments of luxury hotels, we have put together a list of do’s and don’ts for washing white towels.  DO’S 1.Always buy good-quality towels - more than 500 grams per square meter, which refer to the towel’s density. Towels at loveforwhite.com are of 650 gsm and are of the same quality as used in the luxury hotels. 2.Washing towels after every 5-7 uses are recommended. 3.The best temperature to wash towels is between 40c and 60c. 40c ensures towels feel and look their best over a longer period, while...

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