Caring for Your Luxury Down Duvet

Not much can be compared to the warm, fluffy feel of a down duvet.  However, since down duvets are expensive ,by taking a little care you can turn them into a lifelong investment.

Down is a naturally absorbent material and it very quickly captures the scents and oils of its environment. Because of this, the duvet may start to smell or even turn yellow over time.

How can you fight this? It may seem overwhelming, but we’re here with some good tips for keeping your down duvet fresh and clean, so you can enjoy it in the long run.


- Use a Duvet Cover

The quickest and easiest solution to maintaining a clean down duvet is to place it in a duvet cover.

  • This will help protect your duvet from body oils and other stains.
  • It is also much easier to wash a duvet cover than a full duvet.
  • It will  prevent small down feathers coming out of stitch holes from flying in the atmosphere.


- Fluff your Duvet everyday

One way to combat odors with your duvet is by fluffing and flipping the duvet upside down vertically on a daily basis. This increases airflow and helps stop the clumping that can trap moisture and lead to unwanted wet smells. This will also prevent the duvet from slipping on one side of a duvet cover.


-Hang Your Duvet under the Sun

On a sunny day, hang your duvet under the sun. This will air out your comforter and fight moisture, adding freshness and fluff to the down filling.


-Take Off Makeup and Avoid Lotions and Perfume Before Bed

The chemicals in makeup and lotion can stain and add unwanted smells to your down duvet. 

Wash your face well before bed and steer clear of those lotions and perfumes.


-Stay Away from Harsh Chemical Cleaners

For those little stains, use a non-bleach, mild cleaning agent to spot clean.  Be gentle and blot the stained area with a white cloth.


-Get Your Down Comforter Professionally Cleaned

The duvet should only be professionally dry cleaned and not washed at home. 


It may seem like an undertaking at first but, following this guide and the specific instructions for your down duvet, cleaning and care can be simple. In the end, it’s all about fighting moisture through regular maintenance.


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