Why Do Pillows Turn Yellow (And How To Fix The Problem)

Why Do Pillows Turn Yellow (And How To Fix The Problem)

It can be a bit off-putting to find yellow stains on your pillows when you’re changing your pillowcase. However, the stains are a fairly common occurrence for many people. But what causes these unsightly stains, and more so, how do you rid of them? We’re going to answer this for you.

Here are the most common reasons for yellow pillow stains:

Body sweat

Make-up, hair, and beauty products

Wet hair

Product breakdown over time (from frequent usage)

Saliva from night time drooling

Now that you know the common culprits of yellow stains, keep reading to learn how to prevent and remove them from your pillows.

Sleep With A Headdress On

If you are someone who uses hair products that contain oils, it may be a good idea to sleep in a scarf, head wrap, or satin cap to prevent the oils from these products from lingering on your pillowcase. Or, if you’re someone who washes their hair at night before going to bed, be sure to thoroughly blow dry your hair or allow it time to air-dry before laying down for the night. The calcium in the water can cause stains over time.

Wash Your Face Before Laying Down

If you wash your face before you go to bed, you can help prevent the transfer of makeup, dirt, dust, and other pollutants that can cause your pillows to develop stains. Human skin naturally absorbs whatever is in the atmosphere, so if you spent the entire day outside, chances are that you may transfer whatever pollutants and dirt are present outdoors right onto your bedsheets.

Change Your Pillowcases (And Sheets) Every Few Days

Washing your pillowcases (and bedsheets) frequently can help to prevent stains from setting into the fabric. If you have more than one set of sheets, try to change them every four to six days to keep them from developing a dingy or yellow tint.

Use Pillow Protectors

You must use pillow protectors in addition to pillow covers on your pillow to prevent them from staining. The pillow protectors should also be washed regularly along with bed sheets and pillow covers.

Sun drying
Pillow should be kept in sun for 2-3 hours every 3-4 months to get rid of all the moisture, allergens and other pollutants trapped in the pillows.

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