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What is the difference between Down Duvet and Microfiber Duvet ?

While in simple terms the answer to the above is that down duvets are filled with Natural Duck Down and super soft microfiber duvets are filled with finest quality of Synthetic Fiber. Down Duvets - Many people have this misconception that down duvets are extremely warm and are meant for colder climates; however, the truth is that they are the most body heat regulating duvets i.e. they are meant to keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold. Love for White Luxury Down Duvet has been specially designed for all Indian seasons from south to north and east to west. It is currently being used by people from Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai in air conditioners and even...

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How to choose a perfect towel?

While most of us ignore the importance of a good quality towel, it is one of the most important things which makes your morning ritual i.e. bathing most satisfying. A  good quality towel should feel thick, soft, luxurious on your skin and very absorbent. It should dry you up completely once you step out of shower or bathtub. Here are a few tips on how to choose that perfect towel from a wide variety of towels available in the market. TOWEL SIZE AND WEIGHT The first parameter to check for quality of Towel is it's GSM (grams per square meter). This is the towel’s density of the fabric. Towels with lower in GSM (350, 450) are inexpensive, lighter, thinner and...

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How to keep your bed linen White.

How to keep your bed linen White : Always wash white bed linen separately from colored clothes. Also never wash bed linen (bed sheets duvet covers etc) with towels as it may cause pillage. Avoid washing your bed linen at high temperatures as it can reduce the durability and lifespan. You should never wash at temperatures higher than 40 deg -60 deg . You should try washing your linen in cold water if they are not heavily soiled as it will help in increasing the life of your bed linen. Use only mild detergents. You can occasionally use a combination of baking soda and white vinegar as a substitute of bleach and fabric softener to get the whiteness and softness....

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What is a thread count or tc in Bed Sheets?

Thread Count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of fabric. You will see thread count referred to with a number followed by tc, which stands for thread count, such as 200tc,300tc. So a 200tc or 200 thread count bed linen means there are 200 threads per one square inch of fabric. Most commonly available bedlinen in the market range from 180 to 350 thread count. Bed sheets with 200 thread counts and above are considered to be of good quality. However while selecting the bedlinen in addition to thread counts one should also consider the quality of fibers of cotton used, weave and finish of the fabric. Bedlinen available at loveforwhite.com are made...

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How to choose the pillow

While most of us do not pay attention to our sleeping pillow, it is one of the most important bedding article for a healthy sleep and eventually a good health. Lot of back aches and neck pains can be reduced by using the right pillow. Most of the manufacturers today are producing cheap quality pillows without paying any attention to details viz a viz filling height,softness and filling material and the customers have no choice but to buy them and compromise on their quality of sleep . However, loveforwhite.com has taken the initiative to provide good quality pillows at great prices. We have designed pillows in various thicknesses and softness to suit your needs. All the pillows come with 100%...

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