How to choose the pillow

While most of us do not pay attention to our sleeping pillow, it is one of the most important bedding article for a healthy sleep and eventually a good health. Lot of back aches and neck pains can be reduced by using the right pillow.

Most of the manufacturers today are producing cheap quality pillows without paying any attention to details viz a viz filling height,softness and filling material and the customers have no choice but to buy them and compromise on their quality of sleep .

However, has taken the initiative to provide good quality pillows at great prices. We have designed pillows in various thicknesses and softness to suit your needs. All the pillows come with 100% fine quality cotton top fabric which helps to wick away sweat and excessive moisture giving you the most relaxing sleep .

Given below are the various sleeping positions which may help you choose the right  pillow:

1.Sleep on your stomach -Choose a softer pillow -(Supersoft microfiber pillow, Supersoft luxury down pillow)  

2. Sleep on your back - Choose a medium high pillow - (feather down longlast pillow)

3. Sleep on your side - Choose a high pillow - (highloft pillow)

4. A mixture of some or all of these - choose a medium high pillow - (feather down longlast)

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