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What is a thread count or tc in Bed Sheets?

Thread Count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of fabric. You will see thread count referred to with a number followed by tc, which stands for thread count, such as 200tc,300tc. So a 200tc or 200 thread count bed linen means there are 200 threads per one square inch of fabric.

Most commonly available bedlinen in the market range from 180 to 350 thread count. Bed sheets with 200 thread counts and above are considered to be of good quality. However while selecting the bedlinen in addition to thread counts one should also consider the quality of fibers of cotton used, weave and finish of the fabric.

Bedlinen available at loveforwhite.com are made from premium cotton. A tighter percale weave construction ensures they last longer and a high quality finishing gives them a crisp and soft feel.

 According to Consumer Reports Magazine, cotton sheets with a thread count of 200 and above stand up to wear and tear the best and provide satisfactory comfort. From our personal experience we have seen that 200 to 300 thread count feels the best and lasts the longest. Sheets under 180 thread count tend to pile with wear and become scratchy to the skin.

So in the end it comes down to what feels good to you, and what is in your price range. If you buy sheets in the 200-300 thread count range, you will get the most life out of them, and they are comfortable.  

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