How a right bed linen helps you sleep better ?

Getting a good night sleep is one of the most important things which helps you to prevent sickness and strengthens your immune system, remain stress free and happy and also improves your memory and productivity at work. However, research shows that only 40% of the people get a good night sleep every night.

Choosing the right bed linen can go a long way in improving your quality of sleep. We at are continuously working to produce the right bed linen products to enhance your sleeping experience.

How right bed linen helps you sleep better ?

We are providing you some tips on how right bedding can improve your sleep:

  1. Use correct pillows - One should choose the right pillow as per his or her sleeping posture. Using the right pillow not only helps you sleep better but also keeps you free of back and neck ailments. Read our detailed article on choosing the right pillow by clicking here  
  2. Choose the right duvet as per the season – maintaining a comfortable body temperature while sleeping is very important. Most people complain of either sweating or feeling cold while sleeping. So it is advisable to select the right duvet as per your room temperature. One can select a summer ac duvet, all season duvet and winter duvet as per the prevailing weather conditions. 
  3. Buy 100% cotton bed linen – we recommend bed linen made from 100% combed fine cotton with a thread count from 200 to 400. Such kind of bed linen feels soft to the skin and absorbs your body sweat to keep you cool and comfortable while you are sleeping. White bed linen also goes a long way in helping you sleep better. It signifies luxury and a good night’s sleep as per Mr. Erin Hoover, Vice president of design for Westin and Sheraton Hotel. 
  4. Use mattress protectors – Most of the mattress manufacturers use polyester top fabric on mattresses, hence the bed sheet tends to slip when you put your bed sheets directly on the mattress making you uncomfortable while sleeping. Mattress protector with a cotton top fabric not only protects your mattress but also ensures that your bed sheet remains intact while you sleep peacefully. 
  5. Use Mattress toppers - Should be used by people who find their mattresses hard. Mattress toppers offer you with a soft luxurious bed while also increases the life of your mattress. 
  6. Keep your bed linen clean - Sleeping with clean and fresh sheets leads to a better night’s sleep. Making your beds every day and washing your bed sheets/pillow covers every week can improve your sleeping environment. Also keeping your pillows and duvet/quilts in the sun for a few hours once in a couple of month, keeps them fresh and fluffy.
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