Difference between Luxury Down and Supersoft Microfiber Duvet

One of the single most important factor in keeping good health is sleep quality. Selecting a right duvet ensures you to get the best sleep and enhances your well being.


While the outer casing of both the duvets is the same 100% fine cotton, the main difference between them is the filling materials.

Luxury Down Duvet is filled with fluffy clusters of down feathers, which are found under the top layer of the feathers of ducks. They offer superior comfort, warmth and breathability.
Super Soft Microfiber Duvet is filled with fine quality of polyester fiber which is a man made material. While the softness of these duvets are similar to the luxury down duvets they are a bit heavier than the down duvet as more polyester fiber is filled in them to achieve the same warmth as down duvets.


While both the duvets offer great comfort, cozy and plush feeling you can considering the following factors to take the right decision:
Comfort - Down duvets are well known for their comfort. The soft and fluffy down filling offers an ultimate pleasure. While supersoft microfiber offers similar comfort as down duvet, it is a bit heavier than the down duvet.
Warmth & Breathability - Down is an excellent insulator and yet very breathable. Since luxury down duvets are filled with natural duck down they have an exceptional ability of keeping you warm during cold nights and wicking out excess sweat / heat during warm cloudy nights. Supersoft microfiber duvets have the same warmth as luxury down duvets but are not as breathable and are unable to regulate the excess body heat.
Allergies - The luxury down duvets leak few down feathers during changing of duvet covers. People with allergy to feathers may find it a bit uncomfortable. If you have allergies then supersoft microfiber duvets would be a better option.

Budget - Luxury down duvets are more expensive as the natural down feathers used for filling are expensive and cumbersome to collect. Since supersoft microfiber duvets are made from manmade fiber they are cheaper than luxury down duvets.

Durability - Luxury down duvets with proper care and maintenance can last for several years. Super soft microfiber duvet can also last for few years but do not have the same longevity as luxury down duvets.

Maintenance - Luxury down duvets are not super easy to clean. Only spot cleaning is recommended at home or else they need to be professionally laundered. Supersoft microfiber duvet on the other hand are much easier to maintain and can be washed at home following the right washing instructions.

Let's finally conclude with the pros and cons of both the duvets.

Pros of Luxury Down Duvets:
-Superior comfort with a feeling of ultimate luxury
-Excellent warmth and breathability
-Long-lasting durability

Cons of Luxury Down Duvets:
-High Maintenance
-Uncomfortable to people with allergies
-More expensive than supersoft microfiber duvet

Pros of Supersoft Microfiber Duvets:
-Easy to maintain
-Naturally hypoallergenic
-Less expensive than Luxury down duvets

Cons of Supersoft Microfiber Duvets:
-Heavier weight due to extra filling needed for warmth
-Less breathable
-They are not as long lasting as luxury down duvets

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