How to choose a perfect Towel?

The top three things to consider when buying new towels: material, weight and size. Our guideline below can help your towel buying experience a little bit easier.

Selecting the right material

100% cotton is the softest and most absorbent. Don't focus too much on premium cottons like Egyptian and Supima; they're normally considered top-notch, but don't have much of an affect on softness, absorbency or durability. Rather, make sure edges are neatly folded and secured with close, secure stitching - it's a sign of good quality craftmanship. This prevents fraying and can help extend the towel's life.

Considering the Weight

Towel weight is measured in grams per square meter(GSM). Generally, the higher the weight, the denser the towel and the more absorbent and plush it will be. 300-400 GSM is considered lightweight, 400-600 GSM is medium weight and 600-900 GSM is the heaviest. The top performers are in 500-700 GSM range. All our towels are in the range of 500-700 GSM. However higher weight towels take much more time to dry out so people living in tropical weather conditions can opt for light weight quick dry towels like our waffle towels, which are soft, lightweight and absorbent enough to feel luxurious.

Different Towel Sizes

Size is an important factor as well when considering a new towel purchase. There is a towel for just about everything and they all come in unique sizes to fit the task.

Bath Sheet - Average Size : 36" x 72" - Larger than the bath towel and great for full coverage when drying off after a shower.

Bath Towel - Average Size : 30" x 60" - The most popular type of towel is the standard bath towel. This towel is most used at home for drying off after a shower or bath.

Hand Towel - Average Size :16" x 24" - Choosing a durable hand towel is a good idea because they tend to get a lot of use drying hands in the restroom after washing.

Face Towel - Average Size :12" x 12" - Used for the body, hands and face. Face towels commonly used in shower, bath or near the sink.

Bath Mat - Average Size : 21" x 30" - Used to wipe your feet after shower.


How many Towels Do I Need in My Home?

It is recommended that you have the following towels in your home bathroom: Face Towel, Hand Towel, Bath Towel and Bath Mat. You can consider having three of each type of towel per person on hand. One for use now, one in laundry and one in the linen closet.

Proper Towel Care

Proper towel care is essential to not only extend the life of your luxury towels, but also to help maintain their plush feel and ultra absorbency through many washes. See our guide to "Cleaning Towels" for some guidance.

When to discard your Towels?

When towels get old, not only do they start to look bit thin and tattered, but they also start to hold unseen germs. Even with great care routine and frequent washes of your luxury towels, they will still need to be replaced about every two years. A sure sign you need to shop for new towels is if they are not absorbing water well or there is a lingering odor.



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